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Facet5 was developed by psychologists for management. It is useful for anyone involved in human capital management. 

The Power of Personality
Facet5 is one of the most modern and advanced measures of personality available today. Used by organisations and consultancies around the world, Facet5 harnesses the power of personality to help organisations realise the full potential of their human capital management capabilities. Facet5 provides a model and a language to explain how people differ in their behaviour, motivation and attitudes, and more importantly, what to do about it.
 Facet5 - IPM - International People Management | Trainings and seminars picture
Designed with Business in mind
Facet5 was developed in response to customer demand for fast, practical information to support decision making at every stage of an employee's journey through an organisation. Used by organisations and consultancies around the world, Facet5 supports Human Capital Management for individuals, teams and organisations, consistently delivering real value. It is available in over 33 languages and is supported by leading edge technology. Facet5 is jargon-free and web-based for easy access anywhere in the world. A wide range of country and industry standard groups make meaningful comparisons easy. Facet5 is ideal for anyone who needs to understand human behaviour in a work context.

Whole of lifecycle approach
Facet5 can be easily and effectively applied across the entire employee lifecycle. From selection through to separation and exit, Facet5 engages the individual, the manager and the organisation with a range of comprehensive reporting outputs. Whether you are building a team, integrating a new hire or looking at organisational culture, Facet5 enables best practice people management.

Selection & Integration                                      Identifies the individual's fit with the role, team and culture. The new hire is engaged meaningfully and effectively from day one.
Collaboration & Teamwork
People do not work alone. Work requires engagement with other people: colleagues, stakeholders and customers to deliver successful results.
Developing Leaders                                              
Leaders need to continually manage their development in order to 'be all they can be': managing resources and people, creating a vision for the future and getting others to accept and support that vision.
Identifying & Segmenting TalentTo understand the 'what' and 'where' of talent, organisations need to identify 'what someone has done' as well as 'what someone might be able to do in the future'.
Managing Culture & Change Organisations with clearly defined cultures outperform those with weakly defined cultures. In particular, organisations whose culture is aligned with the expectations of their customer base perform best.
Separation & Exit                                                               
Ideally, employees should leave an organisation by promoting its benefits and opportunities in the marketplace to attract other talent.

Sound psychological theory
The Five Factor Model of Personality (or 'Big 5') is now widely accepted as the best way to describe the basic building blocks of personality. The 'Big 5' model consistently emerges from psychological research as the irreducible minimum needed to provide a comprehensive description of personality and behaviour. Facet5 measures these five factors accurately and quickly to provide the most accurate and easy-to-use portrait of individual differences in behaviour.


From consultants managing recruitment and selection outcomes, to in-house HR generalists, OD and learning specialists, leadership development specialists, coaches and line managers at all levels, the Facet5 model and its suite of tailored products will support any human capital management decision. Plain language outputs enable strategic and tactical planning and development of resources in real time anywhere in the world.
To use Facet5, practitioners must successfully complete an accreditation programme run by a Facet5 training provider and pass the exam. Click here for more information.

Reliability of results

Facet5 is a standardised psychometric test that provides reliable results (the stability and consistency of test scores) and meets all criteria for validity.

Average time to complete 15-20 minutes; 106 questions arranged in semantic differentials; value-neutral wording; real-time online administration and reporting.

Contact us for more information about Facet5 and how it can help your organisation. Yu can find out more at www.facet5global.com

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