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SalesView360 is a comprehensive 360-degree feedback tool that provides a rigorous, in-depth report of strengths and development needs for internal and external sales and account managers. It provides a comprehensive feedback report specific to an individual's sales management performance. This 360-degree assessment can be effectively combined with the Talent Accelerator system to provide sales-specific development suggestions, on-the-job activities, website resources, articles and an online development planning system to help improve effective sales skills.

SalesView360 assesses 12 key competencies needed to evaluate sales skills and performance. These are grouped into 3 areas:

  • Sales
  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal

SalesView 360 SalesView360 is ideal for use in sales coaching and training programmes, as well as supporting the development section of corporate performance appraisal systems.

SalesView360 is part of ViewSuite360 - a suite of complementary off-the-shelf 360° feedback tools.


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