Combating Stress in the Workplace

Are there any possibilities to successfully manage stress in the workplace? We say yes and present you Dr. Kenneth Nowack’s – one the most prominent researches in this area – recommendations for combating stress in the workplace.

Happiness: Modifying Our Set Point

Mankind is known to be on an ever-lasting quest for happiness. Find out whether happiness is genetically set or modified by life experiences, thoughts and actions.


National Character: The Facet5 Approach

Should we just accept people as individuals, or can we understand them as products of their culture? A commentary on Norman Buckley's Facet5 study (by Nell McLeod).


Down on Being Down by Ken Nowack

Emotions do indeed play a role in productivity, morale and customer service.

Any guess what medical condition or health risk is the most costly to employers?  If you guessed stress, smoking, obesity, inactivity or diabetes you are way off the mark.  In fact, the most costly is depression  and can affect 20% of any of us during our lifetime.


Why Facet5 Audition?

In todays competitive recruitment world, effective and expedient selection is vital.

Facet5-Audition is the stand-alone personality-based tool specifically designed for recruitment consultants. We give you a glimpse of how this revolutionary tool can benefit your company.


Emotional Intelligence: Fad or Substance?

Dr. Kenneth Nowack, author of our Emotional IntelligenceView360, throws light onto the debate around Emotional Intelligence.

Who should shut up - Men or Women?

The common notion that men are "less chatty than women" has been undermined by research findings. Find out why Chief Psychologist, Nigel Evans, says these findings should come as no surprise.


Recruiting Graduates? - If it is a matter of degree, take another look!

Recent research has found that firms no longer trust university degrees, but are relying more and more on psychometric tests in the selection of graduates. Find out why degree class is nor taken at face value nowadays.

Emotional Intelligence 10 Years On

The importance of Emotional Intelligence is, these days, an accepted part of what makes a successful workplace. So it can be easy to forget that it is still a relatively new concept.

In this article, we explore Emotional Intelligence then, now and the possibilities for the future.

A Great Leader: Do You Have What It Takes?

In today's world, leadership is no longer about individual charismatic leaders. It is now believed that leadership skills can be learned in the same ways as any other set of competencies. 

Fiona Beddoes-Jones, one of ConsultingTools associates, takes the lead and suggests 10 Top Exercises to becoming a Great Leader.

The Brain

It is what sets humans apart from all other species. A spongy three-pound mass of fatty tissue, the brain has often been compared to a super-computer.

Does Creativity Equal Productivity?

In todays working environment, creativity lives in the shadow of productivity, however a recent study by Professor Babis Mainemelis at London Business School proposes that “play” at work may be the key to motivated and productive employees.

We look at how creativity affects staff motivation and productivity.

Think Yourself to the Top

Does the way you think effect how your career will pan out?

Our expert on cognitive development, Fiona Beddoes-Jones discusses how those at the top tend to think and what you can do to emulate their thinking style.


Developing a Psychologically Healthy Workplace: What Leaders Can Do?

Stress is currently a big issue in workplaces, with reported absences due to stress reaching record highs.

We provide useful measures and tips on how to combat stress. This time, we look at what makes a psychologically healthy workplace.


Linking Personality to 360 Reviews

We have all had some experience of 360s and it is unusual these days not to have tried some form of personality assessment - often in conjunction with a 360. But how many of us know what the impact of personality is on 360? And should we be worried about it?

Using real data, one of our experts tries to answer these questions for us. You might be surprised by what he finds.



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