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An effective help to Leaders and Managers!

How does a person's manager need to respond in order to motivate, inspire and manage? Leading Edge report describes and gives clear guidelines how to do it successfully for each individual direct report. It is an easy-to-understand guide based on the competencies of Transformational and Transactional Leadership:

  • Creating a vision. The ability to inspire, motivate and engage others on a vision
  • Stimulating the environment. The ability to provide a challenging, positive and stimulating environment for others
  • Treating people as individuals. Creating an environment where people feel valued and encouraged to contribute, where they can explore their own ideas and utilise individual strengths
  • Goal setting. Goals are the operationalisation of the corporate vision. The effective leader provides a specific, practical focus for efforts
  • Monitoring performance. Ability to effectively monitor performance and align outcomes while adopting the most effective leadership style to motivate and engage the employee in their work
  • Providing feedback. Ability to provide effective feedback that engages, motivates and develops the individual based on their personality
  • Developing Careers. The ability to understand the drivers of an employee, what motivates them, demotivates them and how that aligns to the work of the team
The Leading Edge report is a standard output from a Facet5 personality profile. It is available as a separate report. 

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