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DevelopmentView360 is designed for leadership development and utilises the next generation of response scales to improve 360-degree feedback. It uses a development scale from do a lot less to do a lot more. Research suggests that the use of "development" scales improves the specific feedback participants can use for professional development planning.

DevelopmentView360 measures 12 leadership and management competencies and is composed of 36 questions. The 12 leadership competencies are grouped under the 3 areas of leadership.
• Performance Leadership
• Interpersonal Leadership
• Intrapersonal Leadership
This allows for really focused development and specifies exactly what changes to make in which areas.

Development View 360 is ideal for use in executive and leadership coaching where specific behavioural feedback is required using a brief assessment but comprehensive competency model.

If your goal is to drive real behaviour change, 360-degree assessments are only the beginning. You need a framework for turning assessment-generated awareness into goals and actions. Add some on-going encouragement and automated reminders, and you've got a system for achieving amazing results. Please see Momentor to understand more about how to help drive behaviour change in your organisation.

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