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TeamView360 is a comprehensive tool for understanding and improving team effectiveness and performance. This tool focuses on self-development within the team, helping to translate team intentions into individual actions. Each person on the team will gain a better understanding of their strengths, limitations and areas for development.

TeamView360 measures each individual's scores against the average scores of the team members and the team as a whole. It uses 31 team behaviours across 7 key competencies:

  • Problem Solving
  • Planning
  • Controlling
  • Self-management
  • Managing relationships
  • Leadership
  • Communicating

Results can be viewed as raw averages or standardised scores. The assessments and results are confidential and team member ratings remain completely anonymous. The results are used to produce a powerful, graphical report with an easy-to-follow Personal Effectiveness Plan for each team member.

It can be used effectively alongside its sister product, the Team Effectiveness Survey, which measures overall team performance and compares it with the customers views.

TeamView360 is part of ViewSuite360 - a suite of complementary off-the-shelf 360º feedback tools.


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