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StressScan provides a reliable way to identify the lifestyle, coping and psychosocial factors that help individuals withstand the adverse effects of daily stress.
StressScan provides targeted information about specific lifestyle and health behaviours that might be contributing to stress-related illnesses for particular individuals.

StressScan has over 20 years of published research showing significant associations with a wide range of health and organisational outcomes such as absenteeism, job satisfaction, physical illness, job burnout, depression, anxiety, and psychological distress in working adults. A large international normative database is used to compare lifestyle practices, health habits and wellness practices in working adults.

This validated self-report inventory measures critical stress, lifestyle management and coping scales and generates a comprehensive feedback report summarising results and providing information for optimising wellness. StressScan is particularly useful when seeking to improve individual’s behaviour in stressful situations, especially at work.

StressScan scales:

  • Work/Life Stress
  • Health Habits
    • Physical Activity/Exercise
    • Sleep/Relaxation
    • Eating/Nutrition
    • Preventive Practices
  • Social Support Network
  • Type A Behaviour
  • Cognitive Hardiness
  • Coping Style
    • Positive Appraisal
    • Negative Appraisal
    • Threat Minimization
    • Problem Focused Coping
  • Psychological Well-Being

Both StressScan questionnaire and report are now available in Lithuanian language.

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