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LeaderView360 provides a powerful, graphical report which is easy to analyse and feed back. It includes a practical Individual Effectiveness Plan with active coaching notes. The top and bottom five behaviours are detailed for each staff group and developmental recommendations are suggested. Comparison notes are also available for before-and-after scenarios to show performance changes over time.

LeaderView360 is aimed at middle to senior managers and can help to focus on enhancing overall leadership effectiveness.

LeaderView360 assesses 35 critical leadership behaviours in 7 core competencies required for effective leadership in today's organizations:

  • Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Controlling
  • Self management
  • Managing relationships
  • Leading
  • Communicating

LeaderView360 is less comprehensive than ManagerView360, but provides a concise and brief assessment focusing exclusively on critical leadership behaviours required for competitive performance. LeaderView360 is ideal for leadership development training programmes and to support the developmental planning of corporate performance evaluation systems.

LeaderView360 is part of ViewSuite360 - a suite of complementary off-the-shelf 360º Feedback tools.

LeaderView360 questionnaire and report are now available in Lithuanian language.


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