IPM, together with Envisia Learning, provides off-the-shelf and customised solutions to support every stage of your 360º feedback project. Our range of tools identifies and measures strengths and development needs for individual and team effectiveness. We can manage your project through our support service and provide online or software solutions.

Good 360s provide a solid foundation for individual, team and organisational development. They help drive hard financial metrics and are increasingly used in performance improvement, organisational surveys and appraisals. Some 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use 360-degree feedback.

CustomView360 is our client-centric online 360° feedback system that makes a real impact on organisational performance. You can customise the content, design and process to suit your approach and culture.

ViewSuite360 is your menu of off-the-shelf 360° feedback assessment tools. You'll find it invaluable if you have more pressing priorities than developing a bespoke framework, but demand absolute quality assurance. We take the workload off your shoulders and let you get on with the critical task of making a difference. These validated assessments cover all organisational levels from non-managers (PerformanceView360) to senior executives (ExecutiveView360).

Full automation means you can focus on the critical areas of 360 - actual feedback and performance improvement - while reducing time-consuming manual work to a minimum. Administrators have access to a real-time tracking system to monitor completion status.

We advise on questionnaire design, administration procedures and potential pitfalls to maximise project effectiveness. All our services are carried out to ISO standards and participation is completely private and confidential.

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