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To improve the results of your people, you need to understand the differences in people's behaviour, their inner motives, attitudes and aspirations. The Facet5 system helps you to do this. With the help of Facet5, you will learn how to manage different people appropriately, how to develop their competencies in the right direction to achieve your business goals and how to get the best results. By using the various Facet5 modules, you'll be able to build teams with the ability to complete tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible, and you'll also be able to facilitate and optimise the selection of new employees, their adaptation and integration into existing teams.


In order to use Facet5, practitioners must have successfully completed an accreditation programme. The course covers the history and development of Facet5, how it compares to other tools on the market, what the factors are and how important they are in describing and explaining different behaviours. Emphasis is placed on how to interpret and debrief profiles, with plenty of practice and feedback opportunities during class time. The course is highly interactive and participants leave with the ability to interpret and debrief, but also with a greater knowledge of personality assessment in general and how it applies to work and achieving business results. Participants are required to take the exam at the end of the course.

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