This tool provides a method that can help managers maximise their own performance and contribution, as well as lead and develop high performing teams. Coaching can play a valuable role in helping with important life and career issues. It also provides the knowledge and understanding of how to use tools that a practitioner will find immediately useful in any career context.

IPM has highly qualified coaches with up to 35 years of successful experience in personal and professional management coaching, both one-to-one and team/group coaching. 

Fundamentally, coaching is a process of helping people:

  • Identifying where they could or should improve
  • Motivating them to set and own personal improvement goals
  • Helping them plan how to achieve those improvement goals
  • Creating opportunities for them to practice the desired skills
  • Observing them in action and providing objective feedback
  • Help them to work through setbacks  

Benefits of coaching:

  • Enables learning to take place while the job is being done
  • Provides immediate feedback on performance
  • Helps reduce waste and rework
  • Helps clarify individual and team goals
  • Helps improve team performance and productivity
  • Pays close attention to individual development


Performance coaching - Focuses on the improvement of the individual's performance in their current role at work.

Skills Coaching - This form of coaching focuses on the core skills an employee needs to perform in their role - skills development.

Career Coaching - Coaching activities focus on the individual's career concerns and use feedback on the individual's skills as part of a discussion of career options. 

Personal or Life Coaching - This type of coaching provides support to individuals who wish to make some form of significant change in their lives.

Business Coaching - The term is used to refer to any coaching activity that takes place in a business environment.

Executive Coaching - the improvement of the performance of the most influential people in an organisation should have an impact on business results.

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