Momentor bridges the gap between the training/learning event and sustainable behaviour change in the workplace. It provides the follow-up and encouragement needed to ensure that learning initiatives deliver lasting results.

Successful learning transfer requires a framework for turning new skills and awareness into real behaviour change. Momentor provides this framework. Using online resources and a unique development planning system, Momentor provides participants with a platform from which they can create and measure development goals, incorporate meaningful suggestions and maintain focus on their professional development.

It has been proven to increase the success of a behaviour change programme by up to 150% and helps to add goal setting to any competency-based assessment, training programme or coaching assignment.

How Momentor helps employees

• An online wizard helps users decide which competencies are important.
• Momentor suggests dozens of behavioural objectives or employees can write their own.
• Curated library of competency-based resources teaches skills and provides insight.
• Automated reminders keep employees focused and accountable
• Securely accessible over the web - anytime, anywhere. 

Momentor features
• Suggests development goals or allows participants to create their own.
• Choose from over 1,500 workplace activities, suggested books, articles, websites and other resources to support learning transfer.

• Participants receive weekly reminders to facilitate behavioural practice and transfer of learning.
• Keeping a development journal is as easy as replying to reminder emails.
• A secure personal development planning hub which can be accessed on the Web - anytime, anywhere.

• Participants can invite peers, managers, mentors and/or coaches to track & monitor their development progress.
• Participants get just-in-time feedback & support to reinforce transfer of learning.

• Measure learning transfer.
• Participants can invite an unlimited number of colleagues to provide feedback on their development goals.
• Create summary reports to evaluate improvements back on the job.

The Momentor Process

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