Power Education© - a system of active learning techniques that enable individuals to use their skills more effectively in pursuit of personal and professional development and success. It creates opportunities for individuals, teams and organisations to achieve their goals and ensures the effectiveness of their actions.

What is the meaning of Power Education© training?
The first word "Power" means "ability to act", "Education" means "knowing how to do" and "Training" means "being able to do".

Power Education© trains you to control the way you act as a person in your field, to control your behaviour and attitude, and to create the success you deserve.

Power Education© programmes are very active, with many quick learning techniques that will expand the individual's ability to be in strong positive self-control and grow with success. All methods are focused on creating positive results for the individual, the team and the company. We focus on the solution and result process.

Power Education© Training is a tool for positive development in the real world and is a very effective way for people to improve their quality of life and professional success!

Power Education© Training contains 8 basic tools which are:

  • Power measurement - a test or questionnaire to find out how the person sees themselves, so we can deliver what they really need;
  • Power sparring –  to find the hidden dreams and abilities;
  • Power coaching - to push the person positively to inspire them to use those skills;
  • Power training - to keep the person on track, never letting up until these new tools for success become everyday behaviour;
  • Power management - to train the person to use these abilities with the least amount of energy and time;
  • Power presentation - to train the individual in the most effective way to get recognition for what they do;
  • Power evaluation - to constantly review actions and results to know the next steps to achieve success;
  • Power preparation - to prepare the person for the next success step by creating a strong mental picture of the goal to be achieved.

Why is Power Education© training so efective?
  • Tools for positive development come from the real world
  • Participants become aware of the need for change, which motivates them to voluntarily pursue the desired goal.
  • In developing individual skills, much attention is paid not to theory but to active, rapid learning techniques.

The Power Education© system consists of 10 main training programmes:

  1. Personal Power (in team and individual sessions)
  2. Power Sales
  3. Power Client Management
  4. Power Team Management
  5. Power Board Management
  6. Personal Power Presentation
  7. Power Management
  8. Power Economy Development
  9. IPC – Internal Power Coach
  10. ICPS – Internal Circle Power Sales

These programs can be tailor-made according to your Company’s GOAL and your wishes for desirable results.

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The benefits of Power Education© training

The aim of Power Education© is to provide the company's employees with some effective tools, training methods, specific benefits and development opportunities. Each training session is based on real life and tried and tested.
You will have your own personal coach and facilitator to help and support you every day.  The tasks in the training are realistic and you have to try them out in the "real world".

You will benefit from Power Education© because:

  • It will empower you personally and in your business.
  • The results will come much faster than you expect. 
  • This training will challenge and support you to achieve the results and success you want and deserve in your life.

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