Our team offers you professional, all kinds of level, of various duration and for different size of groups, Power Teambuilding Training oriented programme. Our teambuilding is based on the Power-Action Learning System where participants are encouraged to discover and develop their own personal skills, knowledge and talents. The results of revealed and utilized untapped resources might be a key to a successfully working team. Your success is our main goal so for this reason we propose Power Teambuilding Programme depending on the client's expectations. To reach maximum benefits for our customers, we establish accurate and specific training objectives together with the client, as this helps to find out if those objectives have been achieved.

Examples of some tools used in Teambuilding Programme:

  • Transformation from the real work situations into the training situations
  • Simulation of tasks and games
  • Technique of "intrusion and interference"
  • Communication with "difficult" people strategy
  • Team Power and Competence system
  • Other Assessment Tools

To improve the effectiveness we combine outdoor or indoor methods with the active practical valuating and evaluating methods-sessions that consist of:

  • Work facilitation
  • Participants Training
  • Analysis and Feedback
  • Teambuilding and Communication
  • New action plan solutions

20% theory and 80% active learning-participation in various activities and this is the only effective way to change and control our habits.

The benefits of Power Teambuilding Trainings are:

  • Team spirit reinforcement and the sense of unity
  • Improved internal communication in the organization and relations among personnel
  • Improved communication skills and partnership between organization and colleagues.
  • Improved sending and receiving of information
  • Stimulated creativity and cooperation
  • Improved problem solving and decision making
  • Better coordination skills
  • Being able to work in a team without losing the worth of the individual
  • Getting knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the individual in the organization as a person and as a team member working in different situations
  • Improved trust among the team members
  • Perception that personal abilities and self awareness are to core roots for effective team work
  • Positive attitude to new challenges
  • And much more...

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