Our team offers professional, power teambuilding training programmes for all levels, duration and group sizes. Our teambuilding is based on the Power-Action Learning System, where participants are encouraged to discover and develop their own personal skills, knowledge and talents. The results of uncovering and utilising untapped resources can be the key to a successfully working team. Your success is our main goal, therefore we propose Power Teambuilding Programme depending on the client's expectations. In order to achieve maximum benefit for our clients, we set precise and specific training objectives together with the client, as this helps us to find out whether these objectives have been achieved.

Examples of some of the tools used in Teambuilding programmes:

  • Transformation of real work situations into training situations
  • Simulation of tasks and games
  • Intrusion and interference technique
  • Strategy for communicating with "difficult" people
  • Team power and competence system
  • Other assessment tools

To increase effectiveness, we combine outdoor or indoor methods with active, practical ways of assessing and evaluating - sessions consisting of:

  • Work facilitation
  • Training of participants
  • Analysis and feedback
  • Team building and communication
  • New action plan solutions

20% theory and 80% active learning - participating in various activities is the only effective way to change and control our habits.

The benefits of Power Teambuilding training are:

  • Strengthening of team spirit and sense of unity
  • Improved internal communication within the organisation and relationships between staff
  • Improved communication skills and partnership between organisation and colleagues
  • Improved sending and receiving of information
  • Increased creativity and collaboration
  • Improved problem solving and decision making
  • Improved coordination skills
  • Ability to work in a team without losing the value of the individual
  • Knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the individual in the organisation as an individual and as a team member working in different situations
  • Improved trust between team members
  • Realisation that personal skills and self-awareness are at the core of effective teamwork
  • A positive attitude towards new challenges
  • And much more...

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