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IPM offers a completely new teambuilding training model – teambuilding based on Facet5Before the training begins, each participant completes a Facet5 questionnaire and receives individual feedback. At the end of this phase, a detailed training programme is created which, compared to traditional teambuilding, allows for a much deeper analysis of the team members' strengths and areas for development. The benefits and value of using team building training together with Facet5

  • The training programme is designed according to the existing strengths and development needs of the participants.
  • Attention is paid not only to a better understanding of processes such as communication, cooperation, role distribution, but also to a detailed analysis of how each participant feels in these processes, what personal resources he/she uses, what potential he/she hasn't discovered yet that would be of benefit to the whole company.
  • Special attention and time is given to understanding the peculiarities of interpersonal communication: what are the strengths of these people's interpersonal communication, what are the problematic areas - all this analysis is made in the light of the particular work environment, and ways of solving these problems are also discussed.
  • Opportunities are provided for each participant to gain a better understanding of the personality factors that drive them to behave in one way or another, the impact of emotionality on their behaviour and how to control their emotions - again taking into account the real work environment and its demands.
  • A personal development action plan is drawn up for each trainee, as well as a plan of what actions a person should take in order to improve the performance of the whole company/department in which a person works, by means of a better understanding of self and colleagues.
  • The great uniqueness of such a training programme is that it not only provides participants with skills and knowledge relevant to teamwork, creates opportunities to explore different teamwork situations, but at the same time makes a detailed analysis of the completed tasks and relates all this to each participant's strengths and development areas, creating a foundation of self-understanding that can be transferred and used in everyday real-life situations.

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