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IPM company offers totally new teambuilding training model – teambuilding based on Facet5. Before the training starts each participant completes Facet5 questionnaire and receives an individual feedback session. When this stage is completed a detailed training program is created, that compared to usual teambuilding enables to make a much deeper analysis of team members’ strengths and developmental areas. The benefits and value of using teambuilding training together with Facet5:

  • Training programme is designed according to the existing strengths and developmental needs of participants.
  • Attention is given not only to better understanding of such processes as communication, collaboration, dividing of roles, but also to the in-depth analysis how each training participant feels while being in this process, what personal resources he/she uses, what potentialities he/she hasn’t discovered yet that would be a benefit to whole company.
  • Special attention and time is devoted to the understanding of peculiarities of interpersonal communication: what the strengths of these people’s interpersonal communication are, what the problematic areas are – all this analysis is made in the light of particular work environment and ways to solve these problems are discussed as well.
  • Opportunities to get a better understanding about ones personality factors that drive to behave in one way or another, what the impact of emotionality on one’s behavior is and how to control one’s emotions are created for each training participant – again, taking into consideration real work environment and its requirements.
  • Personal development action plan for each training participant is created, as well as a plan what actions a person should take in order to improve the performance of whole company/the department a person is working in by the means of better self- and colleague- understanding.
  • The major exceptionality of such training program is that participants not only get acknowledged with skills and knowledge relevant to team work, opportunities are created to probe various team work situations, but at the same time making a detailed analysis of completed tasks and relating all this to each participant’s strengths and development areas a foundation is formed for self-understanding that could be transferred and used in daily real-life situations.

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