Stress is an inevitable part of our daily life. It affects both the personal life and the professional performance at the job. Stress, that we are unable to cope with or cope improperly, causes many health and work problems not only for ourselves, but also for people around us (eg., absenteeism, job dissatisfaction, physical illness, job burnout, depression, anxiety and other psychological problems). What should you do to escape from the vicious circle of "stress" and effectively manage this phenomenon that is hardly tangible, but still has a great influence on our lives?

The first step in overcoming stress is to understand what causes stress for us personally. The second step is to find ways to manage stress and change the situation. Because only the ability to cope with stress and manage it effectively results in a more efficient work, better health and overall positive well-being. Therefore, we offer you our professional services - individual solutions in identifying, coping and managing personal and work-related stress.

The process consists of two major parts:

  1. Identification of main sources of your stress, analysis of your response to stress and discussion of the ways to cope with stress: finding personal resources to resist stress, analysing the peculiarities of managing stressful situation. 
  2. Setting-up a detailed personal action plan, as well advice and assistance in implementing it.

Stress is our enemy only when we do not understand its core causes and do not know the ways to manage and overcome it. IPM professional consultants will help you to analyse any stressful situation in your personal or professional life and to find specific practical ways to change it in a favourable direction. Turn stress into the challenge that you can successfully overcome and feel happy!

Stress: identifying the causes and coping with it - IPM - International People Management | Trainings and seminars pictureTo assess the level of stress we use StressScan. This is a professional assessment tool, designed to assess the personal level of stress, the key lifestyle behaviors and habits that pose risks to person's health and the ones that can help protect against the adverse impact of stress. StressScan methodology is based on over 20 years of scientific research in the field of stress and it helps you to quickly and clearly:

  • identify what causes stress for you personally, 
  • determine, in what areas of life you are experiencing the most difficulties, 
  • find out, what personal resources can help you protect from the harmful effects of stress, 
  • as well as gives an opportunity to develop stress coping skills and successfully apply them in your personal and professional life.

 You can find more information about StressScan here.


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