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Trainer & Consultant. IPM partner.

Jurate Verikaite started working professionally in Human Recourses Development area in 2003. She is successfully running Consultancy Company and making new contacts nationally and internationally. She possesses an expert knowledge, extensive experience in Teambuilding trainings for various Lithuanian organizations, as well as further specializing and developing in this sphere. Jurate is fully capable to organize, manage and lead significant events and projects for different size groups of people. She maintains “Train the Trainer” courses for different companies. Jurate's deep interest and knowledge in Human Resources Development, her high energy and ability to create results, has made her one of the most wanted trainer for our clients.

Jurate accredited in training management of Power Education training systems in 2003 by IPM (Denmark).
In 2003 Jurate was accredited in ViewSuite360 assessment tool Sales training by Consulting Tools Ltd (Denmark).
In 2004 Jurate got the accreditation of Team Project manager and Team trainer from IPM (Denmark).
In 2007 she was accredited as a Consultant and Facilitator in Facet5 assessment tool from Consulting Tools Ltd. UK. The same year she was accredited in Facet5 Audition too.
In 2007 Jurate was Accredited as a Face5 Team trainer.
In 2008 she received a StressScan practitioner's accreditation.   

Provides trainings in Lithuanian, English and Russian.

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