Recruiting Graduates? – If it’s a matter of degree, take another look!

In a survey with over 200 blue-chip companies, conducted by the Association of Graduate Recruiters, researchers found that firms no longer trust university degrees; and are increasingly relying on psychometric tests in the selection of graduate employees.  

Over the past 5 years, the number of undergraduate students has risen dramatically as universities stretch for the government target of 50% of youngsters gaining further education degrees. One result of this is ‘grade inflation’; 57% of students now graduate with a degree classification of first class or 2:1.  

According to the chief executive of Association of Graduate Recruiters, Carl Gileard, “research has shown that there is little consistency not only between the standard of degree awarded between universities but between subjects at the same university”, he added, “the days of academic criteria as the ‘be all and end all’ are long gone”. 

Almost a third of firms in the survey say they no longer take the class of degree at face value, and nine out of 10 said they believed psychometric tests were a more valuable way of assessing candidates. “There is less faith in the ability of degree classes to accurately mirror the graduate competencies that matter”. 

Added to this, in the global and competitive economy, employers realise that individuals who develop inside the business and make a difference have more qualities in the area of ‘softer skills’. Increasingly successful recruitment is contingent on graduates having abilities such as leadership, communication skills and emotional intelligence. According to the report these are best reflected using psychometric tests such as Facet5, Thinking Styles and PeopleIndex. 

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