Why Facet5 Audition?

In todays competitive recruitment environment, effective and expedient selection is vital. ConsultingTools Chief Psychologist, Dr. Mark Slaski, explains why Facet5-Audition is the must-have online recruitment tool and how it can benefit your organisation.

High quality recruitment as easy as 1 – 2 – 3….. Research proves that great recruitment is critical in driving success in today’s business environment, and yet it remains more of an art than a science. However, things are about to change. Facet5-Audition is the most up-to-date and leading-edge technology, designed to change the face of recruitment forever.Based on the most valid predictor of human behaviour, Facet5-Audition is the only personality measure of its kind specifically designed to support high quality recruitment.

Revolutionising recruitment in 3 easy steps: Create, Match, Design…..

- Step 1 - CreateAll too often, recruitment fails because key stakeholders in the decision-making do not really know, or agree, what it is they want from the role! The HR manager wants one thing and the sales director wants another! The result is nobody gets what they want!The unique feature of Audition is that all stakeholders are engaged in the recruitment process. Firstly, each stakeholder is invited to complete a 10-minute Facet5 online review identifying the 13 critical personality factors required for star performance in the role. Automatic analysis pinpoints areas of agreement and discrepancy, and offers the opportunity for a ‘powerful conversation’ to decide the ideal personality profile for the role. Armed with this information, the recruiter creates a Facet5 role template.

- Step 2 - MatchIn this step, each candidate is invited to complete the online Facet5-Audition profile measuring their core personality dimensions. At the press of a button you can identify the best-fit candidate by comparing each candidate to the ‘role template’.

- Step 3 – DesignThe next crucial phase in the decision process is the interview, and yet again Facet5-Audition is here to assist. Audition automatically generates a report creating interview questions tailored to each candidate, and designed to explore specific behaviours and competencies required for success in the ‘new’ role.

1– 2 – 3… you have increased the probability of success by getting the right person in the right job!  


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