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Widely known over  the world HR assessment and management specialist Norman Buckley visited Lithuania

World famous HR assessment and management specialist Norman Buckley from Australia presented the seminar „Personality assessment tool – Facet5” on the 9th of March in Vilnius.

Seeking and retaining professionals is the key question for every company today. You can reach success by acknowledging the employee's personality, his strengths, potential development areas and drives which motivate him.

How do you get necessary information in a simple, quick, systemic and convenient way? These goals Norman Buckley decided to seek wishing to create convenient personality assessment 20 years ago. Besides, many tests which where difficult to process and interpret were used for HR assessment. The problem was that the terms and methodology were known only by psychologists.

Scientists have discovered through the years that human personality can be defined in a particular finite number of traits.  These show how a person behaves in a particular situation. The Facet5 test is a Big5 theory based model used in organizational settings. The individual is described by five essential factors: will, energy, affection, control, emotionality. Different numerical expressions of these factors as well as their relationships make different personality profiles possible.

The Facet5 questionnaire consists of 106 questions. It takes 15 minutes to answer them. Questions are very simple and understandable for all people. The Facet5 tool is very advantageous for its paperless web-based format. The employee answers questions in front of a computer. It fully processes the answers and provides them for the HR manager or specialist of consultancy in a convenient way.

These contemporary business relevant attributes make the Facet5 personality assessment tool popular all over the world. This test has already been translated into 25 languages, including Lithuanian.

UAB” International People Management” Development director Finn Petersen claims that Facet5 is the best of all personality assessment instruments he has ever used. “It is easy to understand, test questions are not sophisticated and what is most important – it gives essential information about a person. We can find out if a person fits the job or if he is not effective in this position we may think about another role for him. How can we do this without acknowledging the personality?”

“We have chosen Facet5 for our company because we wanted to assess our employees individual input to the team, as well as team structure, its movement, directions and perspectives” – states Žanas Neimantas, the manager of UAB “Palink“ Personnel Department. „The test infused them with self-confidence. Everybody has acknowledged themselves once more. They started to talk about themselves with more joy and pay more attention to using their strengths. As a result they started to share information more actively, generate new ideas and state them without being afraid. This without any doubt is very useful for our company.“

„If your employees are your company‘s biggest capital and the foundation of its development why not give them more attention? To know them, to assess and to develop...“ –and thus finished the seminar by Norman Buckley, the creator of the personality assessment tool Facet5 with that final question.

Norman Buckley has extensive experience of psychometric methods and is an expert in questionnaire design and assessment techniques. He has created numerous assessment and development centres all over the world, trained management in structured interview techniques and delivered programmes on management assessment, counselling and development. Mr. Buckley has worked for many years as a consultant in „Amersham International“. He has presented papers to the International Test Commission, the Australian Psychological Society and the British Psychological Society.

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